Welcome to OpenBuildingModels!

OpenBuildingModels is an open, free-to-use repository for architectural 3D building models on the web!
It is strongly related but not limited to the OpenStreetMap project. You can link your 3D model to an OSM building and view the result in OpenStreetMap-3D, but you can also contribute or download models for any other purpose. Read more about our license here.

Please note that this prototypical platform is still in beta stage. Any kind of feedback is appreciated, just feel free to contact us.

On the map below you can...
  • Select an OpenStreetMap building (in higher zoom levels) and upload a 3D model for it Help
  • Browse through existing models in the OpenBuildingModels database by clicking on the purple dots

Please zoom in to view the OSM buildings.
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Note: So far, only the VRML format is supported. However, you may want to use a tool like MeshLab to convert your model into VRML beforehand.